Sustainable Farms & Successful Textile Production

Sustainability means creating products in a way that fulfills the ecological, social, and economic needs of both present and future generations.  By creating sustainability for Natural Fiber Producers in North America, we can successfully support the North American Textile industry.

Natural Fiber the way it should be is all about making the most from our natural resources which leads to sustainability.  The small family farms own their raw fiber all the way to the finished product and when you purchase natural fiber products from us you are supporting the family farms that raised this fiber. All the profit goes back to the farm.

We process only in North America that is our commitment.  Natural Fiber Producers  is an agricultural cooperative, established to support natural fiber growers. The fiber you grow each year is your annual harvest.  Our job is to assist you in making the most profit possible from that annual harvest.  The cooperative becomes the conduit for: ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF PRODUCT GOES BACK TO THE FARMS THE FIBER CAME FROM.   Order Product

“The yarns you select for your stash should be beautiful and pleasurable to work with, but they should also be made with a thought for the world around us.  Even small changes can add up.”
Michelle Belson and Katzy Luhring